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Hide Your Face – 3 Ways to Make Video and Stay Invisible


Online business has taken a huge turn with video. Already, long gone are the days of faceless squeeze pages. Today, everyone wants to know who you are and the best way to show them who you are is through video. Some people feel they are better behind the scenes and not quite ready to jump into the on camera arena, but not doing video at all, your business may be left behind. Here are three ways to start making video without having to show your face.

Slide Presentations – If you feel alright using your voice, create a slide show on Power Point, PDF or a photo editing program like Pixlr or PhotoShop. Write a script around your presentation and record it into your video editing program or separately into an audio system such as Audacity. Edit the voice recording to match your slides and, voila – you have a faceless video.

Live Demonstrations – Cooking, tech and gardening come to mind quickly for demonstrations. All the audience really needs to see are your hands and the materials you’re working with. Of course they will also hear your voice and you can overlay text with music if you don’t even want to listen to the sound of your own voice. Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) are perfect for setting up zero cost video with no editing for demonstrations. All you need is a computer, webcam and a gmail account. You can start today.

Interviews – Interviews on Google Hangouts on Air are perfect for semi invisibility. Set up an interview with someone who complements your field. When the Hangout begins, make sure you “blue box” the guest on the bottom of the “film strip.” This way, only your guest is seen on video although your voice will be heard asking questions and interacting with your guest. The same thing can be set up with a video camera or a smart phone video and the beauty of HOAs is that they automatically record to YouTube, so less fuss.

Eventually, you will learn to trust who you are and let the world see you in all your glory and dents. The more you can do that, the faster you will find the exact people looking for the authentic you. Until that day comes, don’t eliminate video from your marketing just because you feel too shy.

Always find a way to Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda

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Adapting Your Stories and Books into Digital Content

200x300Kimberly Williams

Have a book you wrote and want to turn it into a screenplay? Or maybe you found this awesome book you just know will make a wonderful web TV show and you are the person to adapt it to the screen.

Kim Williams will be on the Web TV Trailblazers Summit to tell you how she did it, live on Hangouts on Air, October 5 at 12 pm PST/2 pm CST/3 pm ES

Kim Williams is a Writer and Producer who has spent 17 years in Television Post Production and Programming/ Development. In 2004, she decided to chronicle the countless stories she and her friends shared about their white co-workers into a fictional diary, 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman. In 2011, she adapted the book into the web series, the Unwritten Rules.

Kim’s other writing/producing credits include the theatrical play, Bitch and the middle-grade book, MILES AND ZOEY: The Family Tree .

Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda Abrons


The Best Ways to Attract Great Actors to Your Web Production


Are you ready to start your web series and wonder how you can get great actors without a huge budget? Or maybe you need actors for your first commercial? What should actors learn to recognize in a good online show before signing up?

Prolific actor, Heath Allyn will be on the Web TV Trailblazers Summit Live on Hangouts on Air to reveal the secrets to attracting the best actors to your web TV show or commercial and let you actors know what to look for in a good deal.

Heath is a musician, writer, director, producer and one of the most working actors in Austin, Texas. Since 1981 Heath has been playing music and acting in numerous indie films and web series, including Project 23 and Arcana.

Heath usually writes, directs, stars, scores, edits and completes post production on his own films like the Batman piece below.

Heath strives for versatility and variety on all fronts having played all kinds of parts across genres and writing and recording all kinds of music from original rock and pop songs to film scores and commercial jingles. He wears many hats and has probably tried on pretty much all of them. He will be available for questions after the interview.  Join us!

Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda

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Take Your Social Passion to Web TV and Maybe Change the World


Do you have a strong social or political stance you’d like to get out there in the world? Do you believe in a cause so strongly you must find a way to get the message out there?

Web series are a perfect way to do that. This week, Val Gameiro, who has lots of experience bringing social blights, such as human trafficking, modern slavery and human rights to light, by using the power of online TV.

Val Gameiro is an Austin, Texas based writer turned director with a passion for stories with a message. After 10 years writing for film, Val turned to directing, and has worked on several shorts (When She Smiles, Aftermath, Perseverance, Suffer the Children, etc.), a web series, 7 Shades Of Lenity and multiple Script-to-Screen events held by the Austin Actors Conservatory (SAG).

Val is in post-production on a paranormal thriller short, Sunset in McDade, and in post-production on his first feature film, Amnesia, focusing on the topics of Human Trafficking and Human Rights abuses in institutions. He also shoots for SXSW, is one of the organizers of The Show! (an Austin-based monthly event highlighting local film and comedy), and is the VP of Video Production for TXSTAR Entertainment Inc. (an Austin-based full-service film and video production company, specializing in affordable action).

Watch Val live on the Web TV Trailblazers Summit on Google Hangouts on Air, October 3, 2013 at 5 pm PST/7 pm CST/ 8 pm EST. Val is also available for questions & answers after the presentation.

Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda

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Develop Killer Online Presenter and Host skills


With her online TV show, On The Go With GloGloria Powell has an amazing way of walking into the totally unfamiliar and suddenly you feel like you have been going there all of you life.

Gloria’s ease interviewing people with businesses and in different situations can be seen in her videos like the one below.

Gloria Powell is a spirited talent emerging onto the TV Hosting scene. With a background in acting and a love for being on camera, Gloria has always dreamed of landing a career in television. Her charm lies in her insatiable curiosity for new adventures, love of life, people, and her belief that anything is possible.

Watch her LIVE on the Web Series Trailblazers Summit October 1 at 5 pm Pacific/7 pm Central/8 pm Eastern times as she shares her secrets to having awesome host and presenter skills.

Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda

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How to Succeed with Crowdfunding



Called a “Master class in crowdfunding”, the Standard Action web series, had a $12,000 goal, with an established fanbase of over 3000 subscribers (and almost a half a million views on their YouTube channel). So, of course, everyone expected they’d hit their target in the 45 day funding period. The huge surprise was that they made their goal in the first 3 days!

How did they do it when so many struggle to make their funding goals? Joanna Gaskell and Rob Hunt will be here LIVE to tell you how they did it this afternoon, Saturday September 28 on the Web TV Trailblazers summit. Don’t miss it!

HANGOUT ON AIR LIVE 12 pm Pacific/2 pm Central/3 pm Eastern

Tell a Vison!
~ Rhonda

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Web TV Trailblazers: Misty Dawn – Texas


In 1965, a television event took place…an event that would change network history. But we’re not going to talk about that. Let us now focus on Misty Dawn, the long-forgotten Gothic soap opera created by Cal Balch-Springs, founder and president of the TBQ (Toxic Broadcasting…well, no one was ever quite sure what the ‘Q’ stood for).

Audiences had become tired of the standard formulaic soap operas that dealt only with sex, greed, murder, mistaken identities, love triangles and the like, so, in the now infamous words of Carl Balch-Springs, “What could one more hurt?” Thus began the downward spiral of Misty Dawn.

Misty Dawn made its television debut on September 21, 1965. The audience for the first episode was almost insignificant. By the time the second episode aired, they both stopped watching.

Terry Yates, Author, Creator and Director of Misty Dawn, Texas: the Found Episodes, says he was inspired to create this Dark Shadows meets  Dallas, comedy/horror/satire,  “as an homage to when I used to run home from school to catch the latest episode of Dark Shadows in the mid 1960’s.”

One of the first true Web TV Trailblazers, Terry produced Misty Dawn before YouTube was ever invented. With a team comprised of highly talented and totally unpaid actors, crew and donated craft services, the show found viewers on the website and Dallas Cable Community TV.

Terry will be speaking at the Web TV Trailblazers Summit. On this free, Live Google Hangout on Air event, Terry will show you how to find the story inside of you and turn it into a show. Get your free pass today!

Tell a Vision!

~ Rhonda


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